Musical Freestyle Challenge
Open All Breed and Gypsy
Entry Form
Class 61 & 62 Open All Breed

CGHC Musical Freestyle
General Rules
1. Horses must be in full compliance with the General Qualifications section, Shoeing, Hoof Section
2. Exhibitor is to give free expression to the imagination and creativity of the presentation
3. Exhibitors may show individually or as pairs.
4. The presentation must be a minimum of three minutes and a maximum of five minutes.
5. Music and commentary (if applicable) should be included with the entry.
6. This is a riding class, however, performers are allowed to dismount as part of the routine.  Tack and attire should not interfere with the rider’s ability to control the horse at all times.
7. Junior exhibitors may not ride a stallion.  
8. Competitors will compete individually and then leave the ring.
9. Before planning to perform a bridleless freestyle, the exhibitor must contact the show manager to be sure the arena is safe enough and permitted by management.
10. A stallion can be shown bridleless in freestyle riding if the stallion is the only horse in the arena, the ring is fully enclosed, and bridleless freestyle is approved per item 10.
11. Excessive and over-repetitive “trick” training is not allowed.

1. Horses must be under control of the rider (or handler) at all times.
2. Line up position is at the discretion of the Judge.

Appointments and Attire
1. It will be at the Judge’s discretion to decide if a competitor is unsafe or creates an unsafe atmosphere in which case it will be cause for elimination.
2. Exhibitor safety should be a primary consideration.
3. Horses must be shown with an “approved” bit. Twisted, burr, wire gag bits of any type are not permitted. Curb chains are also allowed and must be at least 1/2 inch in width and lie flat against the jaw. Mechanical Hackamores are prohibited. Ornamental bridles are permitted. Running martingales are permitted. Military martingales are permitted on military presentations only. Standing martingales or tie downs are prohibited.
4. All Saddles, Sidesaddles, and girths are permissible, as well as “period” or “fantasy” saddles that are deemed safe.

Judging Criteria and Class Specifications
1. Classes are to be judged on creativity, originality, dramatic and or humorous value, and manners.
2. Excessive speed or unsafe conduct is to be severely penalized or disqualified.