Day 2
Classes to start 9am

Dressage Suitability In-hand
37. Dressage Suitability Gypsy In-hand
38. Dressage Suitability Gypsy Cross/Drum In-hand

39. Gypsy English w/t-Youth
40. Gypsy English w/t- Amateur 18 and Over
41. Gypsy English w/t- Open
42. Gypsy Cross/Drum English w/t - Open
43. * Opportuniy English w/t- Open
44. Gypsy English w/t/c- Amateur 18 and Over
45. Gypsy English w/t/c- Open
46. Gypsy Cross/Drum English w/t/c -Open
47. * Opportunity English w/t/c- Open

English Equitation
48. Gypsy Equitation w/t- Youth
49. Gypsy Equitation w/t - Amateur 18 and Over
50. Gypsy Equitation w/t- Open
51. Gypsy Cross/Drum Equitation w/t-Open
52. * Opportunity Equitation w/t- Open


Dressage Suitability Under Saddle
53. Gypsy Dressage Suitability w/t
54. Gypsy Dressage Suitability w/t/c
55. Gypsy Cross/Drum Dressage Suitability w/t 
56. Gypsy Cross/Drum Dressage Suitability w/t/c

Pageantry in the Park
57. Gypsy Pageantry in the Park- Open
58. Gypsy Cross/Drum Pageantry in the Park

Not to Start before 5pm
Opening Ceremony
Flag Presentation- Opening Ceremony

59. Musical Freestyle Challenge- Gypsy
60. Musical Freestyle Challenge- All Breeds Open
61. Costume- Youth
62. Costume- Adult