Day 3
Classes start at 9:00am

68. Gypsy Western w/t- Youth
69. Gypsy Western w/t- Amateur 18 and Over
70. Gypsy Western w/t- Open
71. Gypsy Cross/Drum Western w/t - Open 
72. * Opportunity Western w/t- Open
73. Gypsy Western w/t/c- Amateur 18 and Over
74. Gypsy Western w/t/c- Open
75. Gypsy Cross/Drum Western w/t/c -Open
76.* Opportubity Western w/t/c-Open

Western Equitation 
77. Gypsy Equitation w/t- Youth 
78. Gypsy Equitation w/t - Amateur 18 and Over
79. Gypsy Equitation w/t- Open
80. Gypsy Cross/Drum Equitation w/t-Open
81. * Opportunity Equitation w/t- Open


Western Dressage Suitability 
82. Gypsy Western Dressage Suitability w/t 
83. Gypsy Western Dressage Suitability w/t/c 
84. Gypsy Cross/Drum Western Dressage Suitability w/t 
85. Gypsy Cross/Drum Western Dressage Suitability w/t/c

86. Gypsy Obstacle- Youth
87. Gypsy Obstacle- Amateur 18 and Over
88. Gypsy Obstacle- Open
89. Gypsy Cross/Drum Obstacle -Open
90. * Opportunity Obstacle- Open

91. Pleasure Driving-Open

92. Bareback Simon Says
93. Vintage Lead Line

Awards to be presented after last class, please stay in area to get your picture taken if you think you made enough points to win division awards.